How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Mercedes C-Class? (Solved!)

The Mercedes C-Class is one of the brand’s most popular and widely seen models on the road.

However, not everyone is looking to purchase a C-Class, some are out there hunting for the best price to rent a C-Class.

This article answers the question “How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Mercedes-Benz C-Class?”…

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Mercedes-Benz C-Class?

The exact cost of renting any car or a Mercedes-Benz C-Class in our scenario depends upon several factors including taxes, rental company, demand, engine type & features.

Though, you can rent a relatively late-model C-Class for nearly $120 per day (excluding all the other charges and taxes). The C-Class is available in a wide number of trims and engine options and such a premium car often goes for well above $100, especially if it is a newer model version.

Having said that, there is a decent chance that you will be able to find a pre-2015 basic trim C-Class at marginally less than $120 per day.

It is important not to forget to add various additional charges that can be referred to as the hidden cost of renting a car.

Most of these are government, state, or county imposed charges that can include customer facility charges, tourism commissions, vehicle license recovery fees, and lastly, the most important tax is the sales tax which can cost up to or even above 10% of the total fare.

In case you are renting your car from an airport, then you will also need to throw in some extra money related to airport charges which include airport concession and parking fees.

These charges are collected from the customer and are then remitted back to the airport authorities.

Some other note-worthy charges include late charges and upgrading charges.

Again, all of these charges depend upon a particular rental company and whether they’ll charge you or not.

But, most of the time, all of these charges do apply which are then summed up to get the total cost which is then quoted to you.

The late charge, as the name suggests, is sort of a fine that is added to the total cost of the renter does not deliver the car back in time.

The upgrading charges, on the other hand, are additional fees that you must pay if you want to upgrade the trim or variant of your C-Class.

What Paperwork Do Tou Need To Rent A C-Class?

The paperwork required to rent a C-Class, or any car is pretty straightforward in the U.S. and you don’t need to arrange special documents.

All you need to submit or show, is your valid driving license, valid ID card, and another document that proves that both the ID card and the license are valid.

Though, there is a possibility that you might not be required to submit/show a verification document for your ID card and the license.

However, keeping such a document might come in handy as the company can ask for it.

Another important document when getting a rental car is the car rental agreement that is binding on both the parties (renter and the lender).

It includes key details such as your C-Class’s variant, condition, mileage, the amount for the security deposit, insurance, and indemnification details.

It is important to thoroughly go through the car rental agreement as it holds you liable for some specific discrepancies that might occur on your part.

Nowadays, most car rental agreements are delivered to the renter online, which takes out the hassle of filling them manually at a specific time.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Rent A C-Class?

Just like a driver’s license or a drinking permit, there is also an age limit set for renting a car.

Most of the time it is 21 years, though, exceptions do exist, and some rental companies are now even letting 18 years old rent a car.

As with any other age group, a valid driver’s license and ID is also a must for 18 years old.

Young drivers aged from 18 to 24 might have to pay an additional fee, called the young renter fee.

The young renter fee usually costs around $20 a day; however, it can cost more than $20 in some areas such as California.

Can You Rent A C-Class For The Long Term?

You can also rent a C-Class for the long term if you want to and some rental companies do entertain such requests, but a long-term rent essentially becomes a lease.

Having said that, long-term car rentals become much cheaper compared to renting a car for a day or two or a whole week.

This is because car rental companies are getting a steady income stream when you opt to rent a car for the long term.

However, do look out for lease options if you want to rent any car in the long run.

The terms and conditions will be different from rent, but there is a possibility that you might save some bucks by choosing lease over rent.

In some cases, both lease and long-term car rentals are interchangeable terms and the lending company may use one word for another.

Is The Full Insurance Mandatory?

Generally, insurance for rental cars is already taken care of by the companies that keep them, so you don’t need to worry about their insurance.

In many cases, rental companies charge separately for liability insurance of a car you are renting.

The law in nearly all the states also requires them to do so.

The liability insurance you have for your car will also apply to the C-Class you are renting.

For instance, your regular liability insurance will also provide coverage in case the C-Class you rented had an accident.

Though, your personal insurance will only be eligible for a rental car if you have comprehensive & liability coverage on your own car.

Is The Mileage Unlimited?

The mileage you are allowed to cover on a rental car depends upon the mileage cap (number of miles allowed to cover) you have selected while filling out the paperwork.

You will be charged for every extra mile you put on the car once you have completed the limited mileage.

This makes limited mileage a hard choice as renters constantly have to keep an eye on the odometer to confirm they are not exceeding the mileage they were allowed to.

Unlimited mileage takes this anxiety out of the equation as you can cover as many miles as you want to, meaning you will pay the same amount of money whether you drive the car for only 100 miles or 1000 miles.

More and more car rental companies are nowadays offering unlimited mileage packages as they are more convenient, and renters also prefer them over limited mileage packages.

Is GPS Included?

A C-class is included in the fold of premium cars and they also come as standard with an in-dash GPS that allows you to navigate your way in an unfamiliar area.

The GPS navigation system is optional in low-end cars, but the C-Class comes as standard with in-dash GPS, especially in post-2012 models.

Is A Second Driver Included?

Many renters often wonder whether they can let their partner, sibling, or spouse drive their rental car.

The answer is no IF your partner didn’t inform and filed the paperwork while renting the car.

The second driver must be present at the time of filing the necessary paperwork and he/she must present valid documents such as a driver’s license if he also intends to drive the car.

The renter company and the insurance provider will both be absolved of the responsibility in case the car has an accident while an unauthorized person was driving it.

Thus, it is important that only an authorized person should drive a rental car so to avoid any inconvenience during your trip or vacation.

Are They Diesel, Petrol, Hybrid Or Electric?

The C-Class is available in several variants, but the most commonly used one is the C300 which comes with a 2.0L four-cylinder engine that puts out 255 HP.

It is also the variant that is most widely offered for rent by rental companies.

Other variants include the AMG C63 & C43 which are sportier versions and provide extra punch. Though, these sportier versions are hard to come by as rental companies don’t keep them.

The C300 is a gasoline-powered variant and provides good power to fulfill day-to-day needs.

There is also a good chance that you might be offered the hybrid version which is referred to as the C350e. The hybrid powertrain in it provides an extra boost and significantly improves gas mileage.

No diesel versions are offered here in the U.S.

How Much Can You Carry In A C-Class?

The C-Class is mostly known as a compact car, but it still has enough room to accommodate four adults and a child comfortably.

The cargo/boot space is also ample to fit three to four carry-on suitcases with ease.

Though you can also fold down the rear seats to make extra room for additional luggage.

All in all, the C-Class irrespective of the model year, has all the space you expect from a premium yet entry-level German sedan.