8 Ford Mustang Features Not Working! (With Fixes & Prices!)

The Ford Mustang is among the most iconic Ford muscle cars ever made, also known as a pony car.

It is much celebrated for its acceleration, power, and big engines.

The Mustang has found popularity around the world, not just in the US where it was first created. 

This article explains “8 Ford Mustang Features Not Working!”…

Ford Mustang USB Port Not Working

A USB port not working is frustrating since many people rely on these ports for charging their smartphones and other devices in their Mustang (or another vehicle).

In the Ford Mustang, when the USB isn’t working, the most likely cause of the problem is a simple failure of the USB port, in which case you would need to spend about $50 or so to replace it.

Another cause could be a blown fuse or a broken connection at the port plugin. You can inspect the fuse box in your Mustang to see if there are any signs of blown fuses.

One good thing to do is check other USB ports and the cigarette lighter socket to see if they have power.

If they don’t, it’s likely that a fuse did blow. The fuse can be replaced.

If you have a broken connection, then a professional may need to take a look because the work to repair it will be far more intricate.

Ford Mustang Rear Window Defroster Not Working

Some people make the mistake of assuming that the rear window defroster not working on your Mustang is something to do with the HVAC or cooling system.

In fact, the rear defroster problems are most likely connected to electrical issues.

The first thing you should check is the rear defroster fuse, as well as the switch, relay, and the wiring.

The fuse box is easy enough to inspect under the driver’s side dashboard, but for switch and wiring issues, it’s better to consult with a professional for safety reasons.

Another possible cause that has arisen on some pre-owned Ford Mustang models is that a previous owner may have tinted the rear window and then removed it again.

Applying tinting film and then removing it can impact the rear defroster. In this case, a technician will have to take a much closer look at the system overall.

To professionally repair the rear window defroster will be about $50 in parts and another $50 in labor, making about $100 in total.

Ford Mustang Keyless Entry Not Working

There are a number of things that could contribute to keyless entry stopping working. The good news is that many of the issues you can check and/or fix yourself.

First, and most obviously, check the battery in your key fob. They typically last a few years but could fail for some other reason.

Try the key fob manually to see if it will respond. If you struggle to use it even manually, then the problem is likely the battery.

If the fob works manually, then the problem lies elsewhere. The worst-case scenario is that you get a “key not recognized” message from the car.

There is some speculation that the key being too close to your smartphone can lead to this problem.

One solution you can try is inserting the key fob into the small key slot under the cup holder.

You’ll have to first pull the tab sticking out of the rear cupholder to reveal a space big enough for the fob. If it doesn’t work, then consult your dealership technician.

A new key fob battery will cost very little, perhaps $5. If you get the key fob reprogrammed at the dealership, it could cost as much as $100.

A replacement key fob can cost as much as $340 from the dealership!

Ford Mustang Check Engine Light Not Working

When your Mustang and everything in it is working just as it should but the check engine light isn’t, then the most likely explanation for this problem is that the bulb in the instrument cluster needs replacing.

If your Mustang was recently bought from a private owner, perhaps consult with them as to whether or not they ever disabled it because they didn’t like being annoyed by it.

It seems odd, but it does happen and the previous owner may have forgotten to put it right.

If the light or function of the check engine light is found to be functional, but it still wouldn’t come on even when it should, like when you’re due an oil change, then the issue could be with sensors in the car not working.

If you have a sensor issue, you should see to that quickly because that can become a serious safety issue.

Fixing issues relating to your check engine light are surprisingly expensive, with the national average with parts and labor costing $350. The Mustang is no exception to this.

Ford Mustang AUX Input Not Working

The most likely explanation for an AUX input not working in your Mustang is that the solder joints inside the jack point are broken.

Alternatively, the internal contacts might be misshapen or disjointed, possibly even cracked.

The only fix for this kind of problem is dismantling the unit and repairing the connections and resoldering those broken solder joints.

If you have experience and confidence in this, you can try it yourself.

As with any such electrical or intricate work on components, it’s advisable to consult a technician or other qualified mechanic to solve this problem.

A simple repair job on your AUX Input should cost between $60-80 but could cost more if it’s complex or in need of more comprehensive fixing.

Ford Mustang Turn Signal Not Working

As with any light fixture on your car, be it a Ford Mustang or any other model is to check the bulbs on the turn signal.

When there have been no collisions or unusual activity that might explain the broken turn signal, a burned-out bulb in need of replacement is the most likely culprit.

In addition, sometimes if just one of the bulbs in your turn signals goes, the others will stop working too.

This means they’ll all need checking to find the one that needs replacing.

An alternative explanation could be the flasher unit in the fuse box.

You could pull out the fuse box and take a look for any signs of burned-out components.

One strange situation is when the hazard lights and fuses are all good, but your turn signals are not working. Why would that happen?

In this case, the likely problem area will be found in the multi-function switch/wand attached to the steering column. This may require some specialist attention.

You can expect to pay between $140 and $180 for professional repairs done to your Mustang turn signals.

Ford Mustang Dash Lights Not Working

If your dash lights are not working, you’ll first notice when you go to start the car and they don’t all light up.

Check carefully for any apparently missing lights from your dash when you startup. Part of the normal check is that it lights up everything at least once as you start.

If you notice lights not working, then the likely reason is either a blown fuse or a bulb expired.

You can remove the instrument cluster and get behind it to replace these bulbs.

Any other problems with dash lights are usually connected back to bad relays or connectors somewhere with the vast sea of electrics.

It’s often best to leave these repairs to experienced professionals because you may do more damage than good if you don’t know what to look for.

Dash lights can be expensive to repair depending on how many lights need attention.

It can cost from $200 to $800 with all parts and labor are taken into account.

Ford Mustang Blower Motor Not Working

This is the kind of problem that you might think can only ever be solved by a professional, but taking a look at your blower motor and its surrounding system, even replacing the blower motor when it’s not working, may be easier than you suppose.

First, let’s be clear. Your Mustang’s blower motor takes either heated or cooled air and then circulates it around your car.

It is literally responsible for moving air around your vehicle.

You should first get acquainted with the components that make up this system. The blower motor is located on the passenger’s side underneath the dashboard.

Unlike on some other models, you’ll need to remove some bolts from the glove box and remove it in order to gain easy access to the blower motor.

This system together consists of a blower motor switch, fuse, relay, resistor, and then the motor itself, which is housed in a round casing held in place by three 8mm mounting bolts.

Remove the bolts holding the glove box and place, remove it and set it to one side. Next, you need to locate and remove the electrical connector.

It should be located on the near side and with the glovebox removed you’ll be able to see it more clearly.

Pull out the connector and leave it hanging to one side.

Remove the three mounting bolts, which will then allow the blower motor housing unit to be removed.

You then need to take a replacement unit and put it in place.

You’ll have to line it up correctly before you can reattach the mounting bolts.

When restoring the mounting bolts, don’t screw them in too tightly because they are going into plastic, so too tight is not good.

Restore the electrical connector by clicking it firmly in place.

Test the blower motor with your dash controls before you restore the glove box.

If you have the work done professionally, expect to pay up to $250 for parts and labor together.