Honda Civic 13 Most FAQs (Solved & Explained!)

The Honda Civic is a compact sedan sold in markets all around the world by Japanese auto giant Honda.

It is one of the longest-standing cars from Honda, first arriving on the scene back in 1972.

The 2021 model year brought the newest Honda Civic, the eleventh generation since that first one back in the 1970s.

This article answers the “Honda Civic 13 Most FAQs”…

Do Honda Civics Come With Tinted Windows?

From the seventh generation onward, the Honda Civic added a very small tint to the windows that are designed to reflect sunlight and heat. This tint is nothing like what you can get from the aftermarket tint providers, however.

Additional tinting will be required if you wish to make the glass into privacy glass with greater light-filtering properties.

It may also be sold to you as an option when purchasing the Civic at the dealership.

Remember that if you do elect to tint your Honda Civic further, then you will have to comply with the regulations of your home state.

Exceeding the maximum tint level can result in you being charged with a traffic infraction.

Do Honda Civics Come With A Jack?

Older-generation Honda Civics came with a jack because there was a spare tire loaded into the car as well. As per the main automotive market trend, however, the newer generations from about 2016-2017 onwards began phasing it out.

The reason? Tire repair kits became the new norm to place into cars instead of spare tires.

New tire repair technology is now quite advanced and easy to use and can be done without raising or removing the tire.

This allows Honda to save on space and overall weight by not offering a spare.

Do Honda Civics Come With A Spare Tire?

Since 2017, the trend for the Honda Civic and most car brands has been to forego a spare tire in favor of a tire repair kit in every car. One reason for this is that tire repair kits are now much more advanced and easy to use than they used to be.

Furthermore, they can be used without having to raise or remove the damaged tire.

Finally, newer cars are built with run-flat tires which are far more durable and even when experiencing a leak or puncture can safely carry the car to an auto shop.

Do Honda Civics Come In 6 Cylinders?

The Honda Civic has never been available as a 6-cylinder engine car. It has always been a 4-cylinder vehicle. Honda has proven over the years, however, that a 4-cylinder can perform very well.

In the current lineup, the base engine is a 2.0L 4-cylinder unit that can deliver 158hp and 138lb-ft of torque. Their other 4-cylinder engines can reach as high as 306hp and 295lb-ft of torque.

Honda makes 4 cylinders work very well for them indeed.

Does Honda Civic Have Memory Seats?

Yes, but not as a standard feature. It has been available on cars as early as the 2014-2015 model years, but is only an option for EX-L and Touring trim levels. Other trim levels neither have it as standard nor as an optional extra.

Does Honda Civic Need 4-Wheel Alignment?

Regardless of your specific Honda Civic model year or trim level, it’s always recommended that you get a 4-wheel alignment done to ensure maximum safety.

However, if you drive a Honda Civic from the model years 1988 to 2000, then the only built-in adjustment possible is toe, with camber and caster not being adjustable, so that makes a 2-wheel alignment possible.

If your Civic has a solid rear axle as some Type R Civics do, then you also might only need a 2-wheel alignment.

Regardless, a full alignment where physically possible is still recommended.

Does Honda Civic EX Have Sport Mode?

No. Only the Honda Civic Si came with sport mode. The button for sport mode is found close to the gear shifter.

Once active, it appears on the instrument cluster display and enhances the throttle and engine response, giving the driver more power, as well as sharper steering, and improved handling precision.

Does Honda Civic Have Push Button Start?

The push-button start feature was added back in 2013 to select trims. In the newest Honda Civic sedan cars, it is available as standard on all trims from the Sport upwards. Only the LX doesn’t include it as standard.

Does Honda Civic Have A Heated Steering Wheel?

While other Honda models have offered the heated steering wheel, the Civic until 2021 has only ever had a leather-wrapped steering wheel on the Sport trim and upwards.

However, the newest generation for the 2022 model year does come with a heated steering wheel on the high-level trims.

Does Honda Civic Have VTEC?

Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) is a desirable feature developed by Honda, and the good news is that many Honda Civic models do come with VTEC as standard, but not all. The models built with VTEC include EX, EX-L, HX, Si, Si-R, VTi, VTiR and the Civic Type R models.

Besides these, the other base-level Civic models do not come with VTEC.

If maximizing the efficiency of your Honda 4-cylinder engine is a priority, then choosing a Honda Civic with VTEC is the best path.

Does Honda Civic Have A Garage Door Opener?

The Honda Civic didn’t get a garage door opener as a standard feature until quite recently, but it has been possible for some time to have an aftermarket solution installed.

The key to knowing if you have the garage door opener in your Civic is to ensure that it comes installed with the HomeLink system.

It has been common in Honda Civics since at least 2017. When you purchase, ask about whether HomeLink is installed and whether it includes the garage door opener.

Does Honda Civic Have A Black Box?

Cars from the 2016 model years are fitted with EDR (event data recorders) which perform the essential functions of a black box, but it has never been the same kind of standard feature as it has been on most American-brand cars like Buick and Chevrolet.

Which Honda Civics Are Turbo?

From at least the 2017 model year, all EX-T, EX-L, Si,  and Touring models come with a turbo as a standard feature. The Civic Type R is also turbocharged. In the sedan model, the LX does not feature a turbo. The EX gained a standard turbo from 2018.