Are Jeep Cherokees Safe For Babies? (Read This First!)

The Jeep Cherokee is one of the most iconic SUVs anywhere in the world, especially in North America.

It arrived on the scene in 1974, and then the now most popular Grand Cherokee in 1992 for the 1993 model year.

It has long been known for its combination of luxury and utility, and suitability as a family vehicle.

This article answers the question “Are Jeep Cherokees Safe For Babies?”…

Are Jeep Cherokees Safe For Babies?

Jeep Cherokees are safe for babies. The rear seating area comes with 40.8 inches of legroom, making it one of the roomiest SUVs anywhere on the market. Furthermore, the rear seat has three pairs of seat latch anchor points, including a dedicated pair for the middle set.

The child seats can safely be placed rear-facing with plenty of space between a secured car seat and the seat in front.

How Many Airbags Does Cherokee Have?

The Jeep Cherokee has 10 airbags as standard. These include:

  • Front-impact airbags for driver and passenger.
  • Side impact airbags to protect front and rear compartments from side impacts.
  • Overhead impacts in case of a side collision or rollover.
  • Knee airbags.

What Is The Safety Rating On Cherokee?

All the models of Jeep Cherokee from 2011 to the present, have got a 4 out of 5 stars in their NHTSA star ratings.

Its consistent 4-star ratings mean that while it hasn’t quite reached the highest-possible 5-star ratings, it is indicative of a strong result maintained over a long period of time, which is very good for this SUV category.

Getting 4-star ratings on the NHTSA test means that the Jeep Cherokee has been tested in a simulation of an intersection collision with a 3,015-pound barrier hitting it at 38.5mph.

The Jeep Cherokee has also been side pole crash tested and tested for rollover resistance. The NHTSA test is famously quite rigorous and the results are well respected.

What Security Features Does Cherokee Have?

The Jeep Cherokee has a number of safety technologies as standard and available as add-ons for higher trim levels:

  • Blind-spot monitoring.
  • Rear cross-traffic alert.
  • Forward collision warning.
  • Active braking.
  • LaneSense – lane departure warning with lane-keeping assist.
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC).
  • Adaptive cruise control with Stop and Go technology.
  • Rain-sensing wipers.
  • ParkSense – Smart parking assistance for both parallel and perpendicular parking help.

Additional safety hardware includes 10 airbags as standard (front, side, overhead, and knee airbags), as well as seatbelt pre-tensioners, anti-whiplash head restraints, and ignition disable device for additional security.

Are Cherokees More Likely To Rollover In A Collision?

The Jeep Cherokee has for years completed the NHTSA rollover test achieving 4 stars in this category.

Including roll mitigation technology as a part of the electronic stability control (ESC) system has been standard in Jeep Cherokees since the 4th generation was released back in 2008.

Having said that, it would be wrong to say that rolling is impossible or not likely in certain very specific circumstances such as high-speed collisions.

The Jeep Cherokee, like many SUV designs, is a top-heavy vehicle which means rolling is more likely than it would be on, say, a coupe sports car design with a very low center of gravity like the Audi TT.

Can You Fit 3 Car Seats In A Jeep Cherokee?

You can fit three car seats into a Jeep Cherokee, though the ideal arrangement is to have either three forward-facing seats, or two rear-facing car seats in the outermost seats, and a forward-facing car seat in the middle.

The Jeep Cherokee has one of the roomiest rear seat areas in the category, and so there is plenty of space even when the driver’s seat or passenger seat are pushed back for a taller rider or passenger.

When you have a passenger about 6ft 5” in height sitting comfortably in the front, there will be very little room between the car seat and the passenger seatback.

With the seat set for a 6-foot driver, there will be at least 2 inches of room between the two seats, and possibly more.

The Jeep Cherokee rear seat features three sets of dedicated child seat latch anchors.

There are two pairs for the outermost seats, and a pair for the middle, too, meaning that all three seats can be easily secured using the latch system.

You can also affix the seats in place using seat belts.

Is The Leg Room In the Front Seats Affected With 3 Car Seats?

The legroom in the front of the Jeep Cherokee would only be adversely affected for very tall drivers or passengers such as those greatly in excess of 6 feet in height (183cm).

When the driver’s seat or passenger’s seat is set all the way back, the space for the child car seat can be a little bit tighter, but it will still fit safely.

Is The Space And Layout Of The Back Seats A Problem?

The Jeep Cherokee has a top-rated ground clearance of 8.2 inches, which means that the rear seat position is slightly higher not just than a typical sedan, but even a competing compact/crossover SUV like the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CRV.

The higher ground clearance and resulting higher back seat makes loading, securing, and unloading the child car seat much easier because it’s at a very natural carry height for most adults.

The doors of the Jeep Cherokee also open very wide, almost to 90 degrees, which allows much easier egress for larger, bulkier infants’ and children’s car seats.

Is Jeep Cherokee A Good Family Car?

When you put together the many important factors that make a good family car, it’s very hard, perhaps impossible, to deny that the Jeep Cherokee is a good family car.

First of all, the Jeep Cherokee has room for 5 passengers which is great for most families.

Larger families needing a third seating row may be disappointed, but for most, the 5 seats are large and comfortable.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee does now come with a third seating row, which positions it well among traditionally larger family vehicles like the GMC Yukon.

The interior is also very spacious, even though the Cherokee is now positioned as a compact/crossover SUV.

The front legroom is 41.1 inches, and the rear legroom is 40.8 inches, which is one of the best in its class.

Next, the Jeep Cherokee comes with a very pleasing 25.8 cubic feet of cargo space with the second-row seats up. If you put them down, that increases to 54.7 cubic feet.

Finally, the Jeep Cherokee is a good family car because of its safety ratings.

A solid 4-star rating from the NHTSA that it has held consistently over many years means this car is very safe even in the event of an accident.

It is also very well furnished with standard and additional safety and ADAS features.

Is Cherokee Quiet Inside?

The Jeep Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee have both been praised by numerous outlets for their quiet cabins, especially their newest models.

It features effective damping control, as well as high-quality tires and a well-constructed and sealed cabin space to minimize engine noise.

That makes it a nice ride for drivers and passengers alike.