Does Mercedes C-Class Have Keyless Entry? (Explained!)

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a line of compact executive sedans manufactured by Daimler AG.

The first-ever car of this series was manufactured in 1993, as a replacement for the 190 range.

This is purely a compact executive car, ready to provide comfort and luxurious rides.

This article answers the question “Does Mercedes Benz C-Class Have Keyless Entry?”…

Does Mercedes Benz C-Class Have Keyless Entry?

Mercedes C-Class offers you Keyless Entry, enabling you with maximum comfort for your everyday driving. With this Keyless-Go convenience, you are equipped with the motives of unlocking, starting, and locking your vehicle fully automatically and contact-free by just carrying the key.

What Generation And Year Did The Mercedes C-Class Started Having Keyless Entry?

The first-ever Keyless Drive Authorisation system was introduced back in 1997 in the W202 model series. That was one of the second-generation variants.

So, this might be the start of the system that is common nowadays. But not the exact system that we have in today’s Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedans.

These came with high-end luxury cars and not on every car.

So, there are possibilities that a car from that year might have or not have the Keyless Entry system installed on it.

What Is Mercedes Benz Keyless Start? How Does It Work?

The measured and top-of-the-line performance does not happen by chance.

It is achieved when an excellent show of engineering meets a truly special attitude. They call it the AMG spirit.

This isn’t the only thing special about a Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan. There are much more technologically efficient and luxurious categorized about it.

Talking about the Keyless Start system, this is exactly what it sounds like.

You are equipped with the option of starting your vehicle without the hassle of a key.

You just have to press down on the brake pedal and push the start button in your vehicle.

This will start your vehicle through gentle push and you will feel the charm of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

This Keyless Start function will enable the drivers to never fumble with keys to start their ride.

They simply step on the brake and push the Start/Stop button placed on the Mercedes-Benz’s dashboard to start their vehicle.

This convenient feature is not standard for just C-Class but is available for every Mercedes-Benz vehicle for sale at different warehouses and Mercedes-Benz dealers.

What Is Mercedes Benz Keyless Go? How Does It Work?

Mercedes-Benz Keyless Go proves to be an upgraded version of Keyless Start.

It not only allows you to start your ride by pressing the dash-mounted button but also to lock and unlock your vehicle with just a tap on any door handle by sensing the Smart Key in your pocket or purse.

This feature is commonly applied and manifested to more tech-savvy models.

For example, the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and S-Class Coupe. But could also get installed on every other Mercedes-Benz model.

This is an extreme level of easiness and efficiency, giving you the effortless lock and unlock the door, opening, and closing of the windows, and driving off without ever touching the keys.

To unlock your C-Class, you need to ensure that the Smart Key is in immediate reach and range of your Mercedes and could easily be sensed by the door handle to open the vehicle.

Keyless Go technology also makes it impossible to forget or lock your keys in the car.

If you ever leave the Smart Key inside, you will not be able to lock your vehicle from the outside.

With this motive and technology move, drivers can always go keyless and can never have to worry about forgetting the keys inside their Mercedes.

How Do I Know If My C-Class Has Keyless Entry?

If you’re wondering whether your Mercedes-Benz has a Keyless Entry or Keyless-Go system installed, contact Mercedes-Benz’s assigned outlet or authorized dealer and provide them with your model’s VIN.

They will then verify whether or not your vehicle has the Mercedes-Benz Keyless Go system and Keyless Entry or not.

You just need your model’s VIN, which you can use to verify the presence of this enthusiastic feature.

If you’re struggling to find this number, you can go and look at the insurance card or car title.

Can I Add Keyless Go To My Old C-Class Mercedes?

Some might say, no you can’t add Keyless Go after manufacture. Because it has some complications involved in it.

Keyless Go is a complicated phenomenon. This involves installing antennas all over the car.

That’s how it knows where the key is and will prevent the driver from locking the keys inside the car.

So, installing it over the old C-Class would cost you thousands to restructure the electricals of your car to make it feasible for the Keyless Entry and Keyless Go.

What Is The Price Of A Keyless Entry Remote?

If you are looking to replace your sensors, door handles, or some antennas, then this cost might lag around several hundred.

As the remotes or the keys might be around $160-$200 or keys with flaps might cost you around $300, depending on what you require and what you are going to upgrade.

Is Keyless Entry And Keyless Ignition The Same?

Keyless Entry is all about an active RFID system.

Pushing the button on your smart key will send out the code, instead of receiving it.

The immobilizer chips within the ignition keys will lock out the car or unlock it, depending on which button you pressed.

It has everything to do with locking, unlocking, and protecting the car from thieves.

Keyless Ignition is a passive RFID system.

Your vehicle will send out the code and the ignition chip will receive it, unlike the first process where the ignition chip sends out the signal first.

For additional security, Keyless Ignition systems will have no batteries, and usually possess a lower-power antenna, so they won’t broadcast as far and will require you to be near the car.