Do Mercedes C-Class Wing Mirrors Fold? (Solved & Explained!)

Mercedes-Benz has always been a premium car brand, making cars that touch the peak of engineering brilliance.

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a compact sedan series offered by the German automaker since 1993.

This article answers the questions: “Do Mercedes C-Class Wing Mirrors Fold Automatically?”…

Do Mercedes C-Class Wing Mirrors Fold Automatically?

The C-Class sedan has folding wing mirrors, but the feature is only available in select models. The base variants, naturally, do not have it, so you have to pay extra. If the mirrors are not folding automatically, even though your vehicle has the feature, then it is probably deactivated.

The deactivation could be a result of you changing the car’s battery.

The vehicle resets the option once the battery terminal is dislodged from its position.

Naturally, this means that the folding mirror functionality is disabled, and you have to reactivate it to enjoy its benefits.

What Mercedes C-Class Years And Models Have Automatic Wing Mirrors?

As far as folding wing mirrors are concerned, the Mercedes C-Class models have always had them.

The first-generation vehicles called the W202 had the feature as an option.

Every model until 2005 had retractable mirrors, after which they were added as standard for a few years.

By 2011, you could only get the folding wing mirrors as an option on the Mirror Package.

The folks at Mercedes-Benz love providing various upgrade packages, so users who want a bit extra can pay more and get more luxury or performance features.

In some cases, the models with memory foam seats have folding mirrors, but that is not a hard and fast rule.

You can still find some trims with memory foam seats and no retractable mirrors.

In short, you would have to be careful when choosing to buy a C-Class and especially if you are looking at a used model.

What Generation And Year Did the Mercedes C-Class Started Having Automatic Wing Mirrors?

The first-generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class has foldable wing mirrors, though as an option.

It is unsure whether the first few model years had the feature, but according to a few sources, the vehicles from 1996 onwards had retractable side-view mirrors.

The automatic retractable windows were no more offered after 2009, although some models still got it as an option.

The U.S. consumers have always got the shorter hand of the stick, in this regard, as the other markets received better specifications and options.

The European models receive far better features when compared to the U.S. variant.

However, in the U.S., a Mercedes C-Class is cheaper and therefore much easier to own.

In other words, you have to give up on standard retractable mirrors to get the sedan for a lower price.

Some users have been able to work around the restriction by recoding their C-Class sedan.

In the older models, where the retractable mirrors are not standard, you can recode the ECU to get the feature.

This will count as a modification, so you must check in with your insurance authority before proceeding any further. 

How To Activate And Deactivate The Automatic Wing Mirrors Folding Setting In The C-Class?

The first step should be to check if your C-Class has automatic folding wing mirrors.

Once you have ensured that, you can proceed to reprogram your mirrors.

As we have mentioned before, the car’s electronic system resets if the battery terminals are removed.

The retractable mirror feature also deactivates and must be reactivated from the dashboard settings.

The automatic folding wing mirror option is found in the ‘convenience’ section in the dashboard cluster.

You can access that using the controls on the steering wheel.

Once you have activated the feature you can check by following a small procedure.

First, position the key in the 1 or 2 ignition lock, then press the mirror folding button on the key fob. The mirrors should fold in and out automatically.

You can see that the mirrors are activated in the driver’s display.

Now, whenever you lock your car from the outside, the mirrors will automatically retract and close. They will open up back again once you unlock the vehicle.

However, if you force the mirrors to close or open manually, the automatic system will not work.

Mercedes-Benz has made the mirrors quite stiff, so it would seem that they are not meant to fold unless it is done automatically.

You should never force the mirrors to fold unless you want to cause damage.

Can I Fold The Wing Mirrors While Driving?      

You can fold the mirrors using a button.

The mirror folding button is near the A-pillar, and in some models, it is on the driver-side door handle.

You can fold the mirrors while you are driving and even when you are parked.

If you decide not to use the feature, the side-view mirrors will fold when you lock the vehicle.

Folding the mirrors while driving can help you squeeze out of tight spaces or parking spots.

A nice feature to avoid the risk of getting a scratch on your Mercedes.

How Do I Know If My C-Class Has Automatic Wing Mirrors But Are Deactivated?

The best way to know is to ask your car dealer. They will have the right information about your vehicle.

However, if you are still unsure, there is an alternate way to check if the mirrors are disabled.

All the recent C-Class generations have the setting inside the system. You should go to the ‘vehicle settings’ inside the menu.

Here you will find ‘automatic mirror folding’, where you can select on or off.

In the older models, you can find the automatic mirror folding option under the convenience section.

And if you don’t have it, then your C-Class does not have the feature.

Can I Fold The Wing Mirrors Manually If The Automatic Setting Is Off?

You can fold the wing mirrors manually, but that is not recommended.

The motorized system is put in place, so you don’t have to do things yourself and risk damaging the infrastructure.

Manual folding can cause sensitive wires to break and lead to further issues.

Moreover, the wing mirrors in the C-Class are very stiff, especially in the earlier generations.

They are held together with a very powerful spring that resists any inward movement.

So, even if you want, you cannot fold the mirrors.

Only the models that have automatic wing mirrors can fold them.  

How To Reset The Automatic Wing Mirrors Setting?

The process involves a few easy steps.

First off, go into the car’s menu and turn the auto fold function off.

Once you have done that, exit the menu, turn off the vehicle, and step outside.

From there, lock and unlock your car and enter inside.

Restart the sedan and go back to the menu and turn auto fold on.

Now, you must repeat the second step i.e. exit the car.

Once you are out, lock the car, and the mirrors should fold automatically.

Can I Add The Mercedes Mirror Package To An Old C-Class Without Automatic Wing Mirrors?

You can retrofit folding wing mirrors in your Mercedes-Benz, but that would require some work and an extra amount of money.

The process involves replacing the front door controllers, the switch, and the mirrors themselves.

Furthermore, you would need wires, housing, and lots of time on your hand to make it work.

The conversion is not worth the effort since each mirror can cost around $400 or more, depending on availability.