Do Toyota Corollas Have Isofix? (Read This First!)

Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car in history with an impressive number of 44 million units sold.

Comfortable, spacy, good looking, practical, versatile, easy to drive, and most importantly, extremely reliable, is the fame that Corolla has earned through the years.

This article answers the question “Do Toyota Corollas Have Isofix?” Let’s dive in…

Do Toyota Corollas Have Isofix?

If you have a Toyota Corolla 2002 or newer in the United States, Europe, or the UK, you have Isofix in both back seats next to the windows. 2014 or newer in Australia. Depending on the generation, year, and model of your Corolla, you might find your Isofix differently, but visible and easy to find.

Besides the Isofix, the Corolla has been known through the years as one of the safest cars in the market.

It comes by standard with a lot of safety features, and by option, with a handful of more!

What Is Isofix?

It’s a safety system to attach baby seats in a car using tethers instead of the seatbelt.

It consists of a 3 points attachment, two lower attachment points near the seatbelts plugs, and one attachment in the center of the other side (behind the seat) or on top of it.

Is Isofix Safer Than Seatbelt?

Even though they have both proved to be safe, studies show that 90% of people installed correctly a baby seat with Isofix, but only 30% installed correctly a baby seat with a seatbelt.

Based on these statistics, the Isofix is much safer in case of a car crash.

Is Isofix/Latch Mandatory In The U.S.?

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), most vehicles manufactured since September 2002, are required to have an Isofix system.

Users are required by law to use them.

Is Isofix The Same As Latch?

Isofix (International Standard Organisation Fix) For Attachment Points For Child Safety Seats In Passenger Cars in Europe, also known as LATCH in the United States (Lower Anchors And Tethers For Children), are equivalent safety systems.

They have their own regional regulations and a few differences but with the same purpose: keeping babies safe.

The main difference is that Isofix provides a more fixed and stable connection with a rigid solid mechanism between the baby seat and the car seat, while Latch uses open clips attached to a strap.

Another difference is the chest clip.

Isofix in Europe requires that the baby can be removed from the car seat in a single motion, therefore there is no chest clip.

Latch in the U.S. doesn’t require the chest clip either, but is not against the law, and it has become a part of the culture, therefore the demand has grown for baby seats with chest clips.

How To Find The Isofix In The Toyota Corolla?

Depending on the generation, year, and model of your Toyota Corolla, or any other car, you might find your Isofix differently, but always visible and easy to find.

It can be a label, an indicative dot of where is it hiding, a plastic removable cover, or right on sight.

Where Does The Car Seat Go In A Toyota Corolla?

The car seat can either go in the left or the right side of the back seat (the seats next to the windows).

The middle seat is not recommended as there is no Isofix in the middle and it’s unstable to use the corners of the left and right.

The front seat is strongly not recommended.

Can A Car Seat Fit In A Toyota Corolla?

There is enough space to fit your baby seat either in a rear-facing position or in a forward-facing position.

Depending on the size of the seat, and on how tall are the people sitting in the front, the leg space might be reduced, but not too much to make it significant. 

Can You Fit Three Car Seats In A Toyota Corolla?

Is physically possible, since the Corolla has a great back seat space.

By putting the two seats next to the windows in a rear-facing position and the middle one in a forward-facing position.

But the middle one would not be attached since there is no Isofix available to use.

If, for example, you have or will have triplets and this is an important issue in your life, is worth considering a change of car.

There are available SUV and vans in the market with 3 full-size seats with Isofix in the back.

Is Isofix/Latch Mandatory Or Optional In The U.S.?

Isofix (in Europe) has been mandatory for car manufacturers since 2011, however, not mandatory to the users as using the seatbelt to attach is acceptable.

Latch (the Isofix of the U.S.) is mandatory for baby seats in the U.S., not for booster seats.

Can I Add Isofix To My Old Corolla?

Luckily you can find in the market a universal or model-specific Isofix bracket easy to install from the back of your seat, adding the attachment points on the front and it’s ready to add the baby seat.

Make sure the installation is done properly to provide the correct security.

Why Do Australian Toyota Corollas Have Isofix Only From 2014?

Because Isofix was illegal to sell or use in Australia until September 2014. Even though Standards Australia was, surprisingly, considering it since 2002.

Only in 2014, the decision was made by the Department of Transport and it has had a great receptivity from the Australian families, who feels a lot safer with the newly approved safety system.

Is Toyota Corolla A Safe Car?

With a 5 Stars overall rating from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), many standard safety technologies, 8 airbags, an easy-to-use Isofix, and great car crash test results, the Toyota Corolla is considered a very safe car.

Combined with remarkable fame of reliability and holding value through the years, makes the Corolla a great family car.