Why Do Toyota Corollas Last So Long? (Solved & Explained!)

The Toyota Corolla was born in 1966 with two main targets: being reliable and being affordable.

Their build quality made it popular right away.

Only 8 years later, in 1974, Corolla took the “world’s best-selling car” title for the first time.

And today, many years after, it continues to win the number 1 spot constantly thanks to its huge reliability.

This article answers the question “Why Do Toyota Corollas Last So Long?”.

Why Do Toyota Corollas Last So Long?

Corollas are made with Japanese engineering of high-quality standards, the philosophy of Toyota is based on immediate correction of defects, constant improvement, a work ethic extremely hardworking, perfectionist and disciplined, and high quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process.

Toyota Corolla Secrets

Trying to decode the fact of Toyota Corollas lasting so long and being such a reliable car, there are some theories, secrets, and rumors about it.

Toyota is conservative about the systems and technologies used, which for some people becomes boring and outdated but at the end of the story makes it a much more reliable car.

Toyota has very much higher standards when it comes to parts from suppliers than any other mass-market brand, accepting only 1 defective part in every batch of 100.000.

Toyota engines are made for the long-term goal of longevity, good reputation, and less stress, while many other brands put their goals in the short term of comfort and power.

How Many Miles Can You Get Out Of A Toyota Corolla?

You can get around 300.000 miles, on average, out of a Toyota Corolla, maybe more with good maintenance.

And this is not the end of a Corolla, you can easily find in the market up-and-running 40-year old Corollas with rebuild engines.

How Reliable Are Toyota Corollas?

Very reliable. With only basic maintenance needed, Corollas are known as a car that won’t give you any big surprise.

Its high standard building results in a car much more superior to the competition in the long term, and therefore, expending less money in fixing.

Are Toyota Corollas Expensive To Maintain Or Repair?

The maintenance average price is the same as any car of the same type.

Given their huge reliability, the repair costs come to a much lower average price than the competition since they don’t present faults as often as other cars.

Does Toyota Corolla Hold Value?

Toyota Corolla resale value it’s one of the bests in the market due to its fame of reliability.

This is an important aspect to consider when buying a new car.

Corolla has a low depreciation rate of 40% in 5 years or 60% in 10 years.

How Much Is A Toyota Corolla 2022?

Starting at $ 20.075 with the L package, and up to $ 28.360 with the XSE Apex Edition package, depending on the package you choose between the 8 available packages. 

What Engines Are Available In The Toyota Corolla 2022?

Starting with a 1.8L 4 Cylinder 16 Valve 139 HP with the L, LE, and XLE package.

Up to a 2.0L 4 Cylinder 16 Valve 169 HP with the SE, SE Nightshade Edition, SE Apex Edition, XSE, and XSE Apex Edition.

How Much Is A Toyota Corolla 2022 Hybrid?

Starting at $ 23.650 with the LE package, the only package available for the Hybrid.

What Engine Is Available In The Toyota Corolla 2022 Hybrid?

A 1.8L 4 Cylinder 16 Valve with 121 HP.

How Much Is A Toyota Corolla 2022 Hatchback?

Starting at $ 20.815 with the SE package, to $ 22.915 with the SE Nightshade Edition package, and up to $ 23.765 with the XSE package.

These are the only 3 packages available for the hatchback.

What Engine Is Available In The Toyota Corolla 2022 Hatchback?

A 2.0L 4 Cylinder 16 Valve with 168 HP.

How Do You Maintain A Toyota Corolla?

Every 5.000 miles with the official recommended to-do list. Following, the full list, easy to follow, from 0 to 300.000 miles of “How Do You Maintain A Toyota Corolla?…

Small Maintenance.

To do at every 5.000 Miles.

Rotate the tires, inspect the wiper blades, inspect and adjust if needed all the fluid levels, and visually inspect the brake lights and the brake pads and discs (change when needed).

Change of engine oil and oil filter.

Medium Maintenance.

To do at every 100.000 miles.

Perform a “small maintenance” plus change of engine coolant.

Big Maintenance.

To do every at every 30.000 miles but starting the first time when it has 15.000 miles.

Perform a “small maintenance” plus inspection of radiator, condenser and/or intercooler, steering gear, ball joints, dust covers, brake lines, hoses, engine coolant, steering linkage and boots, exhaust pipes and mountings, and cabin air filter.

Extensive Maintenance.

To do at every 30.000 miles.

Perform a “big maintenance” plus change of engine air filter and cabin air filter and inspect also transmission for signs of leaks, fuel lines, and connections, fuel tank band, fuel tank vapor vent system hoses, and fuel tank cap gasket.

Long-Time Maintenance.

To do at the following miles: 120.000 and 240.000.

Perform an “extensive maintenance” plus change of vacuum pump for the brake booster and spark plugs.

How Long Does Toyota Corolla Transmission And Clutch Last?

The lifetime of the transmission and the clutch can vary a lot depending on how correctly is the maintenance done, how is the driver using (or abusing) the car, and the frequently driving conditions.

The average can vary between 100.000 to 200.000 miles.

Should I Buy A Used Toyota Corolla?

A used Toyota Corolla it’s an amazing choice.

Every used car can be faulty if it was badly treated by the previous owner, but the Corolla stands out for being durable, resistant, and reliable.

The price can be higher than its competitors because it’s great at holding its value, which is good if you will want to sell it.